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DNANME is AABB and ISO 17025 Accredited. Our paternity and DNA tests provide the most accurate and conclusive DNA and paternity test results available at very affordable prices, from a laboratory you can trust. Compare what we offer to other DNA laboratories before you make this important decision.Professional DNA Test Sample Collection. Learn more.

Discreet and Confidential. Guaranteed.

Our Most Requested DNA Tests

1) The Paternity Test

Limited time SPECIAL!
Our premium Paternity Test includes a cheek swab Home Test Kit for painless DNA collection.

2) DNA Predisposition Test

Our DNA Predisposition testing service will reveal your genetic predisposition for 22 diseases and conditions.

3) Legally Binding Paternity Testing

Our legally binding paternity test includes free shipping of the test supplies and all the paperwork you need to establish a legal chain of custody for your DNA samples.

Our Paternity DNA Test Includes

  • Legally binding AABB-accredited tests are available.
  • Testing of father, child, and mother (mother is optional)
  • Premium quality Paternity Test using 16 genetic markers
  • 99.999% accuracy guarantee for inclusions; 100% for exclusions
  • Fast results: usually 3 business days, 5 days guaranteed (please note that the day samples are received is day 0)
  • Accredited Legally Binding Home Paternity Test optional

Our Lowest Price Guarantee

Find another DNA testing laboratory that matches our DNA and paternity testing services at a lower price and we will match that price.*


Simple. Accurate. Affordable. Guaranteed.

Why Choose DNANME?


DNA test samples can be collected from family members by simply swabbing the inside of the cheeks with a special swab like a large Q-Tip. This is quick and painless. Alternative collection methods are offered as well. We can send you a Home Paternity Test Kit or take samples almost anywhere in the United States.


We offer the highest quality paternity tests in the industry, using 16 genetic markers, backed by our DNA Paternity Testing Accuracy Guarantee.


DNA testing technology for human identity is the most powerful available, but we offer some of the cheapest prices for the highest quality tests in the industry. Peace of mind is now more affordable than ever.


A Sample of Recent Testimonials

"I am very pleased with the services of your lab. It was very private, affordable, and the time of completion was extremely fast. Also the quality of the test was 100%."
- Erin, May 2009

"The services provided were exactly as described. The process was simple, the cost reasonable and the delivery of the results exceeded the estimated timeframe. We are elated at the results, and now completely sure the child we so love is "ours" in every way. We would recommend your services to anyone faced with paternity doubt."
- Kathy, February 2009

"The test kit was sent very quickly after the order. Results were posted within the promised allowable time frame after the lab's receipt of samples. A+!"
- Radames, February 2008


Our Commitment to Quality and Satisfaction

Current Overall Rating:
4.99 out of 5


3 by 3 Quality Checking

Results Accuracy

To ensure accurate results we perform 3 special quality checks in each of the 3 critical phases of DNA testing: 1) Case Login. 2) DNA Analysis. 3) Report Generation. You may have complete confidence in the results of your DNA test

The Only Cheap Thing About Our DNA Testing Is The Price!

Our DNA paternity tests for human identity are the most powerful available, but we offer some of the lowest prices for the highest quality paternity tests in the industry.


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Quality is Assured. Find out why AABB and ISO 17025 Accreditation is important to you.
We're AABB Accredited for Parentage Testing
We're Partners with New Mexico State UniversityWe're NATA Accredited for Parentage Testing
We Self Certify Compliance With SafeHarbor
We're an ISO 17025 Accredited Facility
We're accredited by internationally respected A2LA
Forensic Lab Accredited by FQSi
We’re an ISO 9001 Complaint Facility
We’re TXDPS Accredited
We're an Accredited Testing Laboratory All Around the World
We participate in the BBB Online Reliability Program
We are an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau
We participate in CAP's Proficiency Testing Program
Our Kits Contain FDA Approved Components

We're an Accredited Testing Laboratory All Around the World
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